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Bridgette Smith-Jackson

MWC Governance Chair

Bridgette Smith-Jackson is the Director of Social Services at Lifelong Learning, Rainbow Terrace Learning Center. Bridgette is committed to eliminating barriers for families by fostering relationships in the community, developing non-traditional partnerships and programs with existing organizations and making connections that garner results.

Bridgette started her journey with Vesta Corporation at Rainbow Terrace Learning Center as a volunteer while a student at Cuyahoga Community College in the Spring of 2004. Once the volunteer opportunity was complete; Bridgette accepted a contracted position through the college at Rainbow Terrace as a lab assistant and eventually joined Vesta in 2010. Over the years Bridgette and her team cultivated, maintained, and grew partnerships with local and national organizations to contribute to the execution of resident services for the families of Rainbow Terrace Apartments and the neighboring community.

Bridgette is exceptional at authentically building relationships, engaging the community, planning, organizing, strategizing, and developing community. Bridgette is committed to working with families to address challenges and eliminate barriers by fostering community partnerships, developing non-traditional collaborations and programs with existing organizations, and making connections that garner results.

In her spare time, Bridgette attends workshops and seminars to gather tools that contribute to the realization of her goal to dismantle the cycle of generational poverty. Bridgette chooses to work in non-profit because of her personal experience with the plight to self-sufficiency and the resources that were available to her on her journey. 

Bridgette Smith-Jackson
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