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The fabric of strong communities is strong families. Strong families are a positive consequence of basic needs having been met. The Men & Women of Central are committed to connecting the people to the resources they need to flourish in every way imaginable. To this end, we will share resources as we become aware of them with the sincere hopes every visitor finds what they need.

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Click HERE to visit the Cleveland Food Bank site.
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Don't live at Heritage View, but want to sign an amazing girl at another CMHA location up for Girl Scouts? No problem! Click or scan the link below to get started.

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Do you have something you'd like added to the bulletin board? Please email it to us HERE along with the link to additional information.

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Notable Quote:

"We have to start treating our kids like they are actually residents of this city, who deserve all of the resources and supports and trust of the city and not simply, "students." Students is their job, they are constituents like everybody else, & we've gotta make that important shift..."
-Eric Gordon

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We are bringing back our internship program for the 2022-2023 school year. If you’re a col

Do you have something you'd like added to the bulletin board? Please email it to us HERE along with the link to additional information.

About The Cleveland Muny Football League!

Our mission is to provide a safe, organized, competitive and fun environment for children to play tackle football in Cleveland. As a developmental organization our focus is directed toward the following goals: Teach the fundamentals of the game; Encourage teamwork and sportsmanship at all times; Learn the value of athletic competition and create a fun, safe environment for all players. The scuccess of our member organzations will not be measured by wins or loses, but on how they meet these goals. Also, our conference (CMFL) is recognized as one of the best youth football leagues in the country. We have the best fields, safest age/weight matrix, and the strictest age certification criteria in Northeast Ohio. 

We are committed to instilling confidence, character, self-esteem, honesty, loyalty, humility, integrity, work ethic, teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, respect, leadership and commitment in our children. We believe these values are important to their growth. Also, we will provide our youth with the necessary tools to be successful in their future endeavors. 

​Our players come from all over Cleveland including Euclid, Cleveland Hts, Shaker Hts, Richmond Hts, Garfield Hts, Maple Hts, East Cleveland, South Euclid, Solon, Parma, Willoughby, Akron, Massillon, Youngstown as well as other local areas.


Additionally, we are entering our 11th season as a USA Football/Heads Up certified program. It's mandatory that all of our coaches take & pass the tackle football course. We believe the USA Football philosophy will help make youth tackle football safer and more enjoyable.

We understand the critical role that academics play in the development of our student-athletes and we recognize the need to perform in the classroom as well as on the field. Therefore, when school starts our younger children will only practice 2-3 days a week, instead of 4-5. Also, our children must maintain average grades as well as above average classroom behavior.

We are going to make a difference. Do you want to join our team?


We hope that you will take the time to come out and support the country’s premier youth football league.


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